This form will tell you immediately if an email from IONOS is genuine.

Do you doubt the authenticity of an email from IONOS? Find out immediately here if it is a phishing attempt!

How do I save an email in EML or MSG format?

Microsoft Outlook

  • Select email
  • Click on file
  • Click Save As

Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Right click on the email
  • Click Save As

IONOS Webmailer

IONOS Help Center
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    What is an email header and how can I view it?

    Email headers contain the complete transport route of the email and other technical information. You can find out how to view these in this article.

    Where can I report a phishing site?

    Have you discovered a website that imitates the appearance of another in order to obtain personal information? Report this site in only one step to warn others.

    What are the features of an email from IONOS?

    Our emails always contain your IONOS customer ID and a personal greeting. You will find more features summarized in our Help Article.

    How do I change my password?

    Do you want to prevent third parties from accessing your account or simply want to change your password at regular intervals? You can find out how to do this here.

  • Password security

    Use secure passwords

    Whether it's an email account, online storage, or online banking: Almost everywhere you need a password to log in and use online services. In this article, we'll show you how to choose strong passwords.

    Password Manager

    Do you already use different passwords for your various online services? In order to manage these passwords easily, there are password managers that we recommend in the IONOS Digital Guide.

    Two-factor authentication

    Strong passwords protect against third parties gaining access to sensitive data through dictionary attacks. Two-factor authentication also provides a higher level of protection through generating a code that is time-limited.

  • Spam and phishing

    Detect phishing emails

    Phishing is among the everyday threats that users are increasingly exposed to on the Internet. Find out here how you can protect yourself by paying attention to certain details.

    Correctly handling spam emails

    How do I get rid of spam emails and what should i do with them?

    Tips to reduce spam

    Do not publish email addresses on your website in plain text. Pick up some tips here on how to display these addresses correctly while keeping them difficult to collect by bots.

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    Has my email been hacked? This is how you find out!

    We've published everything you need to know about this topic in this Digital Guide article.

    My email account has been hacked: What do I do?

    If your email account is hacked, very sensitive data can quickly fall into the wrong hands. In this article, we'll show you the most important steps to take.